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The College of Life Sciences was renamed in November, 2005 from the College of Bioengineering, which was founded in 1994 as an expansion of the original Department of Biology, which dated back to 1907. The College has a traditional academic excellence, well known for its academic achievements and education over all the country. Many prominent biologists, including three Academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (Zhuoxin Zheng, Zhongzhang Tang, and Chongti Tang), an Investigator of Howard Hughes Medical Institute (Zhijian Chen), a Ming River Scholar (YiPing Chen), and two National Experts (Songgang Wu and Qiaoqing Shi), have studied or worked in the college.

The College of Life Sciences consists of three departments: Department of Biological Sciences, Department of Bioengineering and Department of Biotechnology, and The Experiemental Teaching Center for Biology, and four research institutes: Center of Ministry of Education for Industrial Organism, Fujian Provincial Center for Modern Fermentation Technology, The Higher Educational Key Lab of Fujian Province for Developmental Biology and Neuroscience, and Key Lab of the Ministry of Agriculture for Sugarcane Genetics and Breeding. The College offers B.S degree for Biology, Biotechnology, and Bioengineering to undergraduates. The College runs a Ph.D. program in Zoology, a discipline-level Master degree program in biology, and 14 sub-discipline level Master degree programs including Zoology, Botany, Microbiology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Developmental biology, Cell biology, Hydrobiology, and Fermentation Engineering etc. There are 104 staff members in the College including 20 professors and 36 associate professors. More than one fourth of faculty holds a Ph.D. degree. Among them are 4 Ph.D. supervisors and 42 Master degree supervisors.

The College occupies three buildings of Science and Engineering Buildings on Qishan campus of the university. It is fully equipped for modern biology research and higher education. The College maintains a state-of-the-art molecular biology core facility, and a digital image teaching laboratory. All the laboratories have access to the Internet. The studies in the Developmental Biology, Neuroscience, and Fermentation have taken shape and become unique research fields. Currently, there are more than 100 ongoing research projects including several National "863" Projects. The College has won 14 national awards, more than 50 awards from the province and the ministry, and 5 invention patents.

As to the application of Biotechnology in industry, The College has cooperated with a number of industry companies. For the academic exchange, the College has established long-term international collaborations with several universities in USA, Japan, Korea, and Germany etc. In the 21st Century, the mission of the College of Life Sciences is to enhance the visibility of the College, both in research and education, to the World.



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